We do several types of siding and are experts at all of them. It’s not just a sideline. Many times the remodeler does the hardi style and vinyl but is not really an expert at the vinyl. This is not the case with us at Carroll Siding! We are proficient at BOTH!

Since 1971, we have been installing Siding. From the very first job, Gary Carroll, the son, has been installing siding. With over 40 yrs of siding experience, not many companies can match the experience and quality of our company. Out of over 12,000 customers in NE Texas, over 4,000 are siding jobs. Wow, that’s a lot of experience to help you on your home!

We install both Hardi and Vinyl/Aluminum Siding on homes.


Vinyl/Aluminum Style Siding:

  • We Can Furnish Any Brand Vinyl Siding or Hardi Customer Chooses
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Never Needs Painting
  • Many Styles To Choose From (More  Details)
  • Available In Hardi Looking Style (More Details)
  • Minimum Waiving of Vinyl If Installed Properly
  • Period Design/Victorian Styles Available
  • Insulated Laminated to Back Style is Available (form fit)
  • Won’t Be Hurt By Simple Washing
  • Cost 30-40% Less Than Hardi (due to less labor and material)
  • Vinyl Sidewall Siding, Vinyl Soffit/Cornice/Overhang/Porch Ceilings
  • Aluminum Fascia, Window/Door Trim, Gutters
  • Siding is Applied Over Existing Siding (even over soft saw dust masonite siding), we have a special technique for going over masonite that is very unique and holds well. Our warranty covers for the siding to hold. This technique holds without having to replace existing wall covering and saving $$2000-$4000 per job over Hardi Siding. Hardi Siding Sometimes Requires Removal and Installing of 1/2 inch Wafer/OSB Pryor to Installing New Hardi.
  • 3/4 Inch Insulation Applied Underneath to Smooth Wall and Add Energy Efficiency
  • If Color Change is Desired, Pick a 3 Color Combination and Change Out Shutter And Front Door Colors To Give a Whole New Fresh Look

For more information see our siding manufacturers website – More pictures

hardiHardi/Concrete Siding:

  • Made of Concrete
  • Less Chance for Damage Than Vinyl
  • Cost 30-40% More Than Vinyl (due to extra labor and painting required)
  • Available in Pre-Finished, Painted at Extra Cost
  • Sometimes Removal of All Existing Siding Is Required Adding Additional Cost of Labor and Material (wafer/OSB)
  • More Maintenance Required- Possible Painting, Caulking
  • Sometimes Brakes in Later Years
  • More Natural Look
  • Easy To Change Colors
  • Available in Standard Primed/Unpainted ‘Hardi Plank’ Model (Manufacturers Warranty)
  • Pre-painted Color Plus Brochure